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There are three things to note when purchasing a kennel mat.
Many families of dogs are faced with the problem that dogs do not like to sleep in cages. So how do we solve the dog's "depression"?
We recommend that parents prepare a suitable mat for the dog, and follow these principles when selecting a dog's "women":
1. Material: It is best to be cotton. The advantage is that it is convenient to wash and absorb some liquid from the dog (after bathing).
2. Size: It is 2 to 3 times larger than the size of a pet, so that the dog can be more comfortable when he rests, and he is more energetic after waking up.
3. Shape: To choose a nest with a hollow in the middle, so that the dog sleeps more securely.
Pick a suitable "women's pad", the dog sleeps comfortably, and wakes up to be more spiritual. You will have a vital teenager in minutes before your eyes.
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