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Precautions for the first time raising a dog
Dog breed has developed to the present, has been recognized by people, is considered to be the best friend of mankind, and now it is the most widely bred pet, the life span of dogs is generally more than ten years. So don't know what to pay attention to when raising a dog for the first time? Let me tell you.
1. Choose a dog: First of all, to ensure that the selected dog is in line with the family's conditions, the small family's home does not recommend raising large dogs, the dog's taste is easy to accumulate indoors should not spread. You also need to determine if the dog you are buying is healthy and carefully buy the dog for the week so that it is not easy to survive.
2. Feeding: The dog needs a month to leave the dog mother to feed alone. Before it is three or four months old, it is necessary to eat four meals a day to ensure that it is not hungry.
3. Defecation: Juvenile dogs that are over a few months can't help but feel urinary and defensive. It requires step-by-step patient guidance to make the dog form a conditioned reflex. The careful teaching will relieve the pressure on the future. During this time of adulthood, you can only do two things. One is to wait for it to grow up, and the other is to patiently teach.
4. Grinding teeth: Dogs bite things because of long teeth, you need to protect your beloved shoes, data lines, power cords, pillows, etc. In short, all the things you can't bear are packed up, don't give him a chance. Don't keep the dog in the cage, which is not good for the development of its teeth.
5. Entertainment: The puppy will be particularly sticky when he is a child. Don't resist it too much. Try to spend time with him when he gets home from work. Don't make him feel lonely.
6. Dog hair: This requires the main people to clean and wash. Do not cut the dog's hair because of the hair change period. The hair has a protective effect on the dog's skin. As long as it is not a skin disease, don't be short.
7. Cleaning: In summer, the dog's body does not need to be washed every day as if it were a human being. As long as it does not look dirty, it does not need to be cleaned. Generally, it is best to clean the body in about 3 days. When cleaning, straighten out the dog's hair and be gentle.

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